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Teeth Grinding Dangers: What Patients Should Know

by Robert Rapisarda Patients throughout the Boston area put their trust in Dr. Robert Rapisarda because of his commitment to total wellness. He offers advanced restorative dentistry treatments to restore dental health, with a focus on making smiles as beautiful as possible. Various restorative and general dentistry approaches may be considered when treating teeth grinding. […]

Tooth Stains and Smoking: Another Great Reason to Quit

by drrapisarda Dr. Robert Rapisarda has helped so many patients around the Barre area get the smiles of their dreams. One of the ways of enhancing the appearance of smiles that has proven especially effective is teeth whitening, which lifts stains and brightens tarnished smiles. Many different substances can lead to stained teeth, from beverages […]

One-Hour Tooth Whitening with Rembrandt®

by drrapisarda Planning a wedding, arranging a family photo shoot, or preparing for a speech can make life hectic. You may not notice that your teeth look yellow or stained until the final few days prior to your event. If you’re short on time, but long for a brighter smile, call Boston dentist, Dr. Robert […]

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

by Robert Rapisarda Are you embarrassed by your stained or yellow teeth? Are you self-conscious about openly speaking or laughing, or often speak and laugh with your hand over your mouth? We would all love to have beautiful, white teeth. Unfortunately, that is not naturally the case for some Boston patients due to a variety […]

KÖR Whitening

by drrapisarda One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to improve the aesthetic of your smile is teeth whitening. The natural aging process, normal wear of the teeth, and the consumption of certain beverages and food can all cause discoloration and staining to occur in the teeth’s enamel and dentin. Smoking and certain […]

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