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Nonsurgical Sleep Apnea Treatments

Ongoing and consistent deep sleep is important for your overall nightly restoration and well being. If you snore, it’s possible you’re not getting the type of sleep necessary for a normal productive day. If you’re fatigued  or have headaches in the morning, can fall asleep easily during the day, have trouble concentrating, or endure mood swings, you may be suffering from snoring and/or sleep apnea. Fortunately, we offer a sleep apnea treatment that requires no surgery, no anesthesia, and no oral appliances.

Reach out to our Three Rivers office at 413.283.6021 to learn more or to determine whether you are a candidate for the sleep apnea treatments. Or, you can dial 978.355.4656 today to book a consultation with Dr. Robert Rapisarda at our Barre, MA office!

Patient Testimonial

"The whole staff here is amazing! From the front desk, to my favorite hygienist, Heidi, to Dr. Rapisarda himself! They take very good care and great bedside manner! Love it, here!"

- T.M.

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Sleep Apnea Is An Under-Diagnosed Problem

Millions of Americans are thought to be afflicted with sleep apnea. It is a sleep disorder where the affected person ceases to breath for a short period of time while sleeping. This in turn will cause the sleeper to wake to a shallower level of sleep or wake entirely. When the individual falls back to deeper sleep the cycle begins again, repeating itself through out the night. The associated medical risks for this include heart attack, stroke, hypertension, impotence in men, depression. It is generally agreed that this condition can shorten lives by many years.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Laser Therapy By A Dentist?

Nightlase Treatment is a patent pending, quick, non-invasive way to increase the quantity and quantity of deep sleep. Nightlase decreases the affects of sleep apnea and lessens the severity of snoring through the effects of superficial, gentle  Erbium:yag laser light. Anesthesia is not necessary with this procedure. Nightlase laser causes a shrinking of the tissue which  affects a decrease in the sound of the individuals snoring and a decrease in the  effects of sleep apnea. Research confirms the reduction and attenuation of snoring and creates an effective, un-invasive method to lessen the affects of sleep apnea. Additionally, if necessary, this approach can be augmented with a comfortable dental appliance. This would reposition the tongue and lower jaw modestly forward there-bye further opening the person’s airway allowing for a more restful sleep.

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