June 2011

Three Things You Should Know about Porcelain Veneers

Three Things You Should Know about Porcelain Veneers

by drrapisarda

You have probably heard the phrase “porcelain veneers” before, especially in relation to extreme dental makeovers and celebrity smiles. They’re really a great option for people who wish they could give their smile a makeover given just how many dental problems that they can fix. Springfield, Massachusetts area cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Rapisarda has helped many patients through the expert use of porcelain veneers for smile restorations and enhancements.

We’d like to go over three facts about porcelain veneers that you should know. Knowing these three facts may help explain why porcelain veneers are such a popular and desirable treatment option for so many people.

1. Porcelain Veneers are Extremely Versatile

First and foremost, porcelain veneers are able to address many different dental problems with great effectiveness. If you have teeth that are slightly crooked, teeth that are severely stained, or teeth that are chipped or cracked, you may be able to benefit from porcelain veneers.

2. Porcelain Veneers are Indistinguishable from Real Teeth

Another great thing about Springfield, Massachusetts porcelain veneers is that they are virtually invisible. Dr. Rapisarda will color match your veneers to your surrounding teeth so they blend in seamlessly. Since the veneers are semi-translucent just like a normal tooth, light affects them just as it would your normal teeth. The veneers themselves are so subtle, but the final effect of them can be quite dramatic.

3. Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers is Simple

One of the best things about porcelain veneers is that you don’t need to do anything super special to take care of them. Just brush your teeth as normal and be sure to floss as usual and you and your dental veneers will last a long, long time.

So there you have it. Three great facts about porcelain veneers. And on top of those, you should know that getting porcelain veneers placed is painless and easy. To schedule a consultation and find out if porcelain veneers are right for you, contact our Barre, Massachusetts cosmetic dentistry practice today.

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Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth

Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth

by drrapisarda

If you have ever had dry mouth before, you know just how much of an inconvenience it can be. Dry mouth can make it difficult to eat and speak as you usually would. Dry mouth may even be the sign of a different health condition that needs to be looked into. Boston area cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Rapisarda and his entire staff at his Barre, MA office would like to take this opportunity to look at the basic causes of dry mouth. After taking a quick look at those, we’d like to take a look at the different treatments for dry mouth that are available that you may wish to consider.

Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia. The condition is easy to identify since we’ve all experienced in some degree before: it involves reduces saliva production in the mouth. One of the common causes of dry mouth is dehydration. It’s important that you stay hydrated throughout the day, and reduced saliva production is a sign that you may need a quick glass of water. Of course, dehydration is not the only cause of dry mouth. Many people notice their mouths become dry due to anxiety, tension, worry, and so on.

Another common cause of dry mouth is blockage of the salivary gland or salivary glands. To remedy this issue, your doctor or dentist may suggest you suck on sour candies in order to promote increased saliva production. This should help remove the blockage in due time. Some health conditions such as diabetes may result in dry mouth, so be sure to keep that monitored just in case. And on last cause to mention is alcohol consumption. Since alcohol can dry out the mouth, drinking too much can lead to dry mouth. Be sure to drink responsibly and in moderation.

Apart from remaining hydrated and promoting saliva production to remove blockages as mentioned above, there are a number of artificial saliva products that are available for people with serious dry mouth. These may come in candy/lozenge form, spray form, gel form, or rinse form. We’ll discuss each of these with you in more detail at our office.

For more information about dry mouth as well as Boston dental crowns and other options for effective dental care, please contact our Barre, MA cosmetic dentistry office today. We will assess your dental health situation and make a decision that best meets your needs.

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