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Providing Life-Changing Benefits Through Dental Implants Treatment

Missing teeth can compromise your appearance, oral health, and self-confidence. Meanwhile, traditional dentures are prone to shift when eating or speaking. Fortunately, dental implants offer a multi-beneficial solution. These titanium posts replace lost tooth roots, offering the ultimate support for restorations while preventing jaw atrophy.

Dr. Robert Rapisarda is a Las Vegas Institute-trained implantologist who plans and performs every step of dental implants treatment at his Barre, MA, practice with no need for referrals. His expertise has helped many patients experience a better quality of life. Call 978.355.4656 today for our Barre office, or 413.283.6021 for our Three Rivers office!

Dental Implants - Before & After

"Dental implants are the single best way to support dentures, allowing you to chew any foods you like."

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

Implants not only allow you to eat any foods you like, enunciate with complete clarity, and smile with confidence, but also preserve the health and strength of your jaw. Implants are the only restorative dentistry treatment that can prevent jaw atrophy following tooth loss. While traditional dentures must be regularly adjusted to accommodate changes in your jaw shape, implant dentures may never require any adjustments.

Dental Implants Candidates

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are likely a candidate for dental implants. This versatile treatment can support an entire denture, replace several consecutive teeth with a bridge, or replace a single tooth in conjunction with a  dental crown. Patients must have enough bone tissue to support the implants.

Our office is equipped with a cone beam scanner, which can produce three-dimensional images of your jaw. With this scanner, Dr. Rapisarda can look for signs of bone recession and assess your immediate candidacy. Fortunately, even if you have lost bone volume, Dr. Rapisarda can perform bone grafting, sinus lifts, socket preservation, and ridge split procedures. Using a synthetic material, he can restore lost bone tissue to create a strong foundation for the implants.

Meanwhile, issues such as tooth decay or gum disease can be addressed with Dr. Rapisarda’s advanced laser dentistry techniques.

What People Say About Us!

"I've transferred to Dr. Rapisarda from having the same dentist for many years. I was nervous at first but I am pleasantly surprised and impressed at the extreme care, efficiency, and kindness of all the staff and Dr. Rapisarda. I would highly recommend his office for your dental needs."

- Jennifer Lozier - Fontaine

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How are Dental Implants Placed?


The process of placing implants depends on whether you are receiving traditional or mini dental implants. Traditional implants require at least two surgeries. Mini implants, which are about half the diameter of traditional implants, require just one surgery, and can often be restored immediately.

In both cases, we use the very latest techniques and technology to minimize trauma and expedite healing so you can begin experiencing the benefits of dental implants as soon as possible.

If you have experienced a small degree of jaw atrophy, you may be able to receive mini implants without first undergoing a bone graft. During a consultation at his dentistry office, Dr. Rapisarda can take a digital 3D scan of your teeth and jaws to determine the best approach to restoring your smile.

In many cases, Dr. Rapisarda can create a placement strategy that takes full advantage of the support your jaw can provide, making a bone graft unnecessary. However, if he determines that you require a bone graft, Dr. Rapisarda can perform a preliminary surgery in which donor tissue is used to augment the jaw, restoring candidacy for implants. This usually requires several months of healing time before he can proceed with implant placement.

Over the course of three to six months following the placement of your implants, they will permanently integrate with your jaw tissue. This fusion allows your implants to keep your dentures and other restorations firmly in place at all times.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Rapisarda excels at rebuilding patients’ smiles with implant-supported dentures. While traditional dentures can restore aesthetics, implant dentures are the only solution that can allow you to bite into a crisp apple, deliver a toast, or smile wide for a family photo without worrying that your dentures will slip out of place. And because implants prevent bone atrophy following tooth loss, implant dentures rarely, if ever, require adjustments to maintain a proper fit.

We are one of only a few practices to offer a full-arch zirconium denture, which not only looks incredibly realistic, but also does not stain or absorb odors. In many cases, Dr. Rapisarda can convert your existing denture into an implant-supported restoration. If you are suffering with a compromised smile, Dr. Rapisarda can use this treatment to fully restore the health, comfort, and confidence you deserve.

Budgeting For Implants

Considering the many ways dental implants can benefit your health, confidence, and enjoyment of day-to-day life, this treatment can be one of the wisest investments you ever make.

Insurance companies rarely contribute to the cost of dental implants, but we offer highly convenient financing options through CareCredit® and Lending Club that can break the cost of this treatment into affordable monthly payments. Meanwhile, we offer a five percent discount to patients who pay up-front for treatment.

Learn How We Can Rebuild Your Smile

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