Are Implant-Supported Dentures Right For You?

Like traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures can replace all teeth on one or both dental arches. However, instead of relying on suction or adhesives for stability, implant-supported dentures (often called permanent dentures) are anchored directly to the jaw with dental implants. This allows them to stay firmly in place as you chew, speak, or smile.


The best candidates for this treatment have sufficient bone tissue in the jaw, do not smoke, and do not suffer from uncontrolled diabetes. During a consultation at his Three Rivers or Barre, MA, offices, Dr. Robert Rapisarda can assess your candidacy.

Like natural teeth, implant-supported dentures are rooted in the jawbone.

Placing Your Implants & Dentures

Receiving your implant-supported dentures requires two surgical procedures over the course of several months. However, with proper care, your implants can last the rest of your life.

During the first surgery, your implants will be surgically inserted into the jaw bone at sites determined to provide the best stability. Trained at the Las Vegas Institute, Dr. Rapisarda is exceptionally skilled in implant procedures. He provides sedation for your comfort and uses the latest technology to plan your treatment, ensuring the most precise placement.

This life-changing treatment can allow you to start enjoying all the foods you love, speaking with total clarity, and smiling with pride.

To place the posts, Dr. Rapisarda will make incisions in the gums to gain access to the underlying jaw bone. Your implant posts will then be inserted into the jaw and the gums will be sutured closed.

Once your implants have fully fused with the jaw bone – usually in four to six months – you will return to our office for a second minor procedure. The gums will be incised and special abutments will be attached to the implants. These devices connect your denture to the implants. Next, the gums are sutured in a way that leaves the abutments exposed above the gumline. In about two weeks, when the gums have completely healed, Dr. Rapisarda can take impressions and begin crafting your dentures. When they are complete, you will return to have them placed.

Caring For Your New Smile

It is important to care for your implant-supported dentures in the same way you would care for your natural teeth. You should brush twice and floss at least once per day, and always attend six-month checkups.

While your dentures may eventually require a replacement, dental implants can last 40 years or longer when properly maintained. Meanwhile, your implants will prevent the jaw atrophy that occurs following tooth loss, meaning you may never need to have your dentures resized.

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If you are tired of suffering from dentures that slip and shift, you owe it to yourself to look into implant-supported dentures. This life-changing treatment can allow you to start enjoying all the foods you love, speaking with total clarity, and smiling with pride. Learn more about implant-supported dentures by contacting us online or calling our office nearest you.

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