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A Smile Makeover Built Upon A Foundation Of Oral Health

Do stains, worn teeth, or other cosmetic concerns affect your confidence? If so, a smile makeover performed at our Barre, MA, practice may be the answer. This treatment combines multiple cosmetic procedures to give you a smile that complements your entire appearance. Oral health and the success of a smile makeover are directly related.

Dr. Robert Rapisarda will first make certain your smile is healthy and your bite is balanced to ensure long-term satisfaction with your new smile. He will begin by assessing your bite alignment and the structure of your teeth. Next, he can perform your makeover using advanced materials and tools.

Be sure to give us a call at 413.283.6021 today to reach our Three Rivers office, or 978.355.4656 for our Barre office. Our expert team can answer any questions you have regarding the smile makeover, and can help you determine whether you are a candidate for treatment!

Who are the Ideal Candidates for a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can involve several different procedures. It can be a good option if you wish to address:

  • Chips
  • Tiny cracks
  • Small gaps between your teeth
  • Dental misalignment
  • Discoloration
  • Dental erosion
  • Proportionately small or misshapen teeth

Smile Makeover - Before & After

smile makeover

How to Prepare for Your Smile Makeover:

Long-lasting cosmetic enhancement is only possible once all oral health issues have been resolved. Dr. Rapisarda will first perform any necessary restorative procedures, such as periodontal treatment or root canal therapy, in order to ensure healthy teeth and gums. He can also address teeth grinding and other issues affecting the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) on either side of the jaw.


This can not only improve your oral health but also protect your restorations and teeth.

Having undergone advanced training at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), Dr. Rapisarda is experienced in the treatment of bruxism and TMJ Disorder, or the inflammation of the TMJs resulting from conditions such as an imbalanced bite. He can use several different techniques to achieve neuromuscular harmony in your bite, meaning the jaw and surrounding muscles will not have to overcompensate to achieve a balanced bite. First, he will use temporary devices to realign your bite. Next, he will use our advanced K7 Evaluation System to record the muscle activity in your jaw. In conjunction with the K7 System, he will often perform TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to release tense muscles. In some cases, he may also recommend BOTOX® Medical to achieve the necessary muscle relaxation. Often, he will supply a custom oral appliance to realign your jaw while you sleep.

"The first step of a smile makeover is to ensure that your smile is healthy, aligned, and balanced."

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What Does a Smile Makeover Involve?

Based on your goals, your smile makeover can include:

Porcelain Veneers:

Veneers are custom porcelain shells that Dr. Rapisarda can attach to the front of your teeth, fully covering imperfections and reshaping your smile.


Both Invisalign® and ClearCorrectTM use discreet plastic aligners to straighten teeth. These are virtually invisible and quite comfortable. Dr. Rapisarda will use advanced cone beam imaging to plan your orthodontic care. Often, he will recommend these treatments before placing veneers, which often results in a minimized need to alter the teeth.

Gum Contouring:

Using a dental laser, Dr. Rapisarda can eliminate excess gum tissue to give you a bigger, brighter smile. In most cases, he will perform gum contouring before placing veneers.

Dental Bonding:

Dr. Rapisarda can apply tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth to artfully conceal imperfections. Often, he will replace old metal fillings with bonding material.

Dental Crowns:

Typically used in restorative care, crowns can sometimes enhance severely blemished teeth. We work with two renowned dental labs for the best aesthetic results.

Teeth Whitening:

We offer several forms of teeth whitening, including affordable take-home trays and gel. For more consistent results, we can provide KöR® Deep BleachingTM. This treatment combines in-office and take-home methods for unparalleled results.

What People Say About Us!

"I've transferred to Dr. Rapisarda from having the same dentist for many years. I was nervous at first but I am pleasantly surprised and impressed at the extreme care, efficiency, and kindness of all the staff and Dr. Rapisarda. I would highly recommend his office for your dental needs."

- Jennifer Lozier - Fontaine

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