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Treat Minor Imperfections In Your Smile With Dental Bonding

Not every patient needs a major overhaul to achieve a perfect smile. While some may require more extensive work—like a smile makeover, for example—other patients may only require a few minor cosmetic improvements. Dr. Robert Rapisarda offers dental bonding as a fast and affordable treatment for small cracks or gaps in the teeth for patients in and around Barre, MA, and Three Rivers, MA.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding uses a putty-like composite resin to repair minor damage or malformation. Once dried, the resin blends in seamlessly with the natural tooth.

In most cases, bonding is recommended as a faster and more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers. Because it does not require reshaping of the original tooth, bonding can be completed in a single appointment.

With proper dental care, your results can last up to ten years.

Dental bonding can repair minor damage like chipped or cracked teeth.
Dental bonding can repair minor damage like chipped or cracked teeth.

Am I A Candidate For Bonding?

While most patients qualify, dental bonding may not always be the most appropriate treatment. As a cosmetic procedure, it is typically recommended for:

  • Repairing minor cracks or chips
  • Eliminating discolorations
  • Filling in gaps
  • Lengthening teeth
  • Repairing malformed teeth

Bonding is most suitable for treating imperfections in a single tooth at a time. Teeth whitening is often a better option for improving the color of the overall smile while veneers may be recommended for more extensive cosmetic improvements.

To ensure that dental bonding is the best option for your cosmetic goals, you will first need to discuss the treatment with Dr. Rapisarda. During your initial consultation, he will inquire about your dental history, cosmetic goals, and your expectations of the procedure.

"Dr. Rapisarda offers dental bonding as a fast and affordable treatment for small cracks or gaps in the teeth."

What Can I Expect At My Appointment?

To begin, Dr. Rapisarda will use a shade guide to choose the color of resin that most closely matches your natural teeth so that the results blend in with your smile. Once an appropriate shade is selected, the doctor will then prep the tooth by “etching”—or roughening—the surface of the tooth to ensure the resin firmly adheres. If necessary, Dr. Rapisarda may also apply a special conditioning liquid to secure the resin more firmly.

After prepping your tooth, Dr. Rapisarda can begin to apply the tooth-colored putty, molding and smoothing it into the desired shape. After drying the resin with an ultraviolet light or laser, he may trim or polish it down further to ensure the most natural-looking results.

The entire appointment typically takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. Multiple teeth may require multiple appointments.

After The Appointment

Patients can immediately return to their daily routine after leaving the office. However, during the first 48 hours, you will need to avoid certain foods and beverages that could stain the resin, such as coffee, wine, or tomato sauce.

Even after this period of time, it is important to keep in mind that composite resin is not as strong as your natural tooth. Patients should take care to avoid biting fingernails or chewing ice, which can chip the material.

Enhance Your Smile Today

With dedication to detail, Dr. Rapisarda works diligently to provide patients with the smile they have always wanted. Call 978.355.4656 to call our Barre office or call 413.283.6021 for our Three Rivers Office to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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