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What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown is a restoration usually porcelain or gold that restores a tooth to it’s natural form and function by completely coming what left of a tooth.

Custom-Designed Dental Crowns

If you have a cracked, severely decayed, or cosmetically compromised tooth, a dental crown provided at our Barre, MA, practice may be the solution. Dental crownsare custom tooth-shaped caps that cover a tooth following treatment. Dr. Robert Rapisarda works with Las Vegas Institute-trained dental laboratories to provide dental crowns made from several different materials. His experience and artistic eye can ensure that your restoration provides balance, comfort, and aesthetics.

Do You Need A Dental Crown?

Crowns can serve many different purposes. Dr. Rapisarda may recommend a crown to address:

  • A large cavity that has affected most of your tooth.
  • Dental erosion.
  • A broken or cracked tooth.
  • An uneven bite due to a disproportionate tooth.
  • Severe cosmetic blemishes, such as internal discoloration or an unusually shaped tooth. If a porcelain veneer cannot adequately mask an imperfection, Dr. Rapisarda may recommend a crown.
Actual Patient
Actual Patient

Crowns are also an integral part of root canal therapy. After eliminating infected tissue, Dr. Rapisarda can cover your tooth with a custom crown.

Types Of Crowns


Your crown can be made from one of several materials. Gold is virtually indestructible. However, porcelain and zirconia offer a more lifelike appearance. Dr. Rapisarda will carefully evaluate your needs to determine the right material for you. For example, women are more prone to metal allergies, so he may recommend a tooth-colored material. These types of crowns may also be more appropriate if you need to restore a front tooth. On the other hand, gold can be a good option if you grind your teeth, or if the crown will be used to restore a back tooth.

Design And Placement

Before you can receive a crown, Dr. Rapisarda will need to prepare your tooth. He will first reshape it and remove any decayed, damaged or infected tissue. Often, he will perform this step with a dental laser. With this tool, he can minimize discomfort and the impact to your tooth. Next, he will take impressions and photos, sending them to one of our two labs. We collaborate with the Aurum Group® and MicroDental Laboratories. Both facilities employ experienced technicians with advanced training from the Las Vegas Institute. We have established partnerships with these labs based on the quality of their work and their consistently excellent results.

Fabrication typically takes about two weeks. He can provide a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready for placement. At that time, Dr. Rapisarda will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and properly balanced bite.

"Dr. Rapisarda will carefully evaluate your needs to determine the right type of crown for you."

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Because your restoration will fully cover your tooth, you can enjoy complete oral function once it is in place. Your crown can also enhance the aesthetics of your smile, since it will be designed to match surrounding teeth. In this way, your restoration can improve your overall appearance, as well as your self-confidence. In addition to being highly lifelike, today’s restorative materials are quite durable. With proper care, your crown could last a decade or more.

How Many Visits For A Dental Crown?

A crown takes two visits. The first visit the tooth is prepped where the circumference at the tooth is taken down, impressions are taken and sent to a lab. We make a temporary crown and cement it. On the second visit, we remove the temporary and cement the permanent restoration.

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