How the DIAGNOdent® Laser Can Improve Your Dental Care

by Robert Rapisarda
Left untreated, cavities can destroy your teeth and compromise your overall dental function. As they grow larger, they can also cause significant discomfort. For this reason, it is important to catch cavities as early as possible. Unfortunately, dental decay often does not manifest any visible symptoms until it has already damaged a large portion of your tooth. To provide top-quality restorative dentistry, Dr. Rapisarda proudly uses the state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent® laser. This innovative tool can detect cavities before they are visible to the naked eye. Then Dr. Rapisarda can treat dental decay with conservative techniques. To learn more about DIAGNOdent® laser benefits, contact our Barre, MA practice today.

What Causes Dental Decay?

Ultimately, dental decay is caused by oral bacteria. Microbes will feed off of sugars and starches in your food, forming acids. The acids will erode your teeth. Eventually they will work their way deep into your dental tissues. Through this process, a cavity will develop. Preventive care, including regular cleanings and at-home hygiene, is the best way to prevent dental decay.

In recent years, sealants and fluoride treatments have significantly improved. Therefore, you are less likely to develop cavities in between your teeth. However, decay can still develop underneath enamel, which can be particularly difficult to diagnose. Because such decay is not typically visible to the naked eye, you may not know that you have a cavity until it has progressed into a more serious situation.

What Is the DIAGNOdent® Laser?

The DIAGNOdent® laser will measure the levels of fluorescence in one of your healthy teeth. Then Dr. Rapisarda can shine the laser at your other teeth, looking for elevated levels of fluorescence. A reading that is higher than usual will typically indicate decay. In this way, Dr. Rapisarda can diagnose cavities while they are still very small.

The Benefits of DIAGNOdent®

DIAGNOdent® offers a number of important benefits. First, the tool is far more accurate than a simple visual scan. Dr. Rapisarda typically uses DIAGNOdent® in conjunction with dental x-rays. While x-rays can help uncover cavities between teeth, DIAGNOdent® can reveal decay on the inside of teeth. By combining the two tools, Dr. Rapisarda can provide outstanding protection for your dental health.

DIAGNOdent® is also very convenient and comfortable. Dr. Rapisarda will simply pass the handheld tool over your teeth. There is no need for messy gels or uncomfortable mouthpieces. Using this technology, your dentist can scan your entire mouth in a matter of minutes.

Finally, DIAGNOdent® will make your overall dental care much easier. In the earliest stages, Dr. Rapisarda can treat a cavity with a small dental filling. He can typically complete this treatment in a single appointment, and he will be able to preserve most of your natural tooth structure. However, if the cavity grows larger, Dr. Rapisarda may need to place a full dental crown. Our crowns are very strong and lifelike. Nevertheless, Dr. Rapisarda will need to remove some dental tissue to place the restoration. Fortunately, with DIAGNOdent®, he can diagnose decay before it reaches these more advanced stages.

Come Enjoy Our Advanced Technology

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