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Some Bad Habits You Should Avoid for Good Dental Health

by drrapisarda Dr. Robert Rapisarda has helped countless patients in and around Barre have the healthy, beautiful smiles that they have always wanted to have. This is thanks to his approach to general and preventative care as well as his advanced restorative dentistry treatments focused on total wellness. There is plenty a patient can do […]

“Awesome Smile!” Dental Care for Teens

by drrapisarda Many essential habits for adulthood are formed during the teenage years, and that includes dental habits. If you have a teenager, then you know very well how difficult it can be to motivate your child to care about oral hygiene, even if he or she cares a lot about his or her appearance. […]

Dental Care and Heart Health: How They Are Linked

by Robert Rapisarda Patients throughout the greater Boston area can count on Dr. Robert Rapisarda to provide exceptional dental care, with a focus on advanced general dentistry for total wellness. This means treating all problems great and small, because as you’re about to read, your dental health can have a major impact on your general […]

Dental Care During Pregnancy: What Our Patients Can Expect

by Robert Rapisarda Dr. Robert Rapisarda is a leader when it comes to good dental care in the greater Boston area. He offers comprehensive general dentistry services aimed at total wellness. As it turns out, dental health and general wellness are more linked than many people think. It’s an especially important concern for patients who […]

Keep on Smiling: Dental Care for Seniors

by Robert Rapisarda Given that you are reading this blog post right now, the chances are good that you are searching for information about general and restorative dentistry care for an elderly member of your family or another beloved senior in your life. As you probably know, many senior dental patients have special needs that […]

Dental Exams and Professional Cleanings: Why They Are Important

by Robert Rapisarda Patients from the greater Boston have placed their trust in Dr. Robert Rapisarda because of his commitment to effective dental care. The cornerstone of this is general dentistry focused on prevention, education, and promoting total wellness, which also means making the most out of the regular dental exams with his patients. What […]

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